Rules and Regulations

Meadowwood Tennis courts are intended for recreational use. Any tournaments or lessons held on these courts must be official sanctioned and regulated by the Meadowwood Tennis Executive Committee in accordance to the by-laws of the organizations. Any persons found to be conducting an unsanctioned tournament or private lesson will have their membership revoked.

  1. Members are expected to display calm and courtesy at all times to fellow members and their guests.
  2. Members are welcome to bring guests, but only limited to four (4) times per season. Guests must be accompanied on court by a member.
  3. Use of foul language, alcohol, or abusive behavior on club premises could result in termination of membership and any use of the courts.
  4. Sexual harassment will have zero tolerance.
  5. Booking period are for one hour. Players must record their time and name upon entering the court even when all courts are empty. If this rule is not honored the court must be vacated if members are waiting. Times may not ba altered until the expiration of the hour.
  6. Use of more than 3 balls is resricted to court no 3. If courts 1 and 2 are not occupied multiple balls may be used but must be terminated if the adjacent court becomes occupied.
  7. Singles players are encouraged to invite waiting members to join when circumstances allow and skill level permits.
  8. Lessons will be conducted on court 3.
  9. All members may occupy any empty court at any time. On Tuesday between 7-9 pm men have priority. On wednesday between 7-9 pm ladies have priority.
  10. Dogs are not permitted on the courts. Members are encouraged not to bring dogs to the courts because of a distraction to other members.
  11. Shirts, non-marking shoes and proper tennis attire is required at all times. Non-compliance with this rule will result in the termination of membership.
  12. Shoe tags must be worn at all times.