Players Connect

Last year we tried to introduce Singles Ladder program. Unfortunately there was not much interest, we only had 6 registrations. So we had to cancel the program. This year we want to introduce another program - Players Connect. After talking with many members some people expressed interest in getting in touch with other fellow players. That's what this new program is for - connecting players in our club. After you register for the program you will automatically receive confirmation email with the link to online spreadsheet with all registrants. You will be able to see contact information of other players who registered for the program, their level of play, preferable time of play, etc. Program is open to all members of the club, there is no cost to enter. I encourage everybody to try this new program. We all want to make our club a fun place to be. I believe members will benefit from getting to know other players and having opportunity to play with them, either competitevly or just practicing.

Register Online

By registering for Players Connect program you give your consent to share your name, email and phone number with other program participants.