Groups and Private Lessons


For 2017 season Meadowwood Tennis Club will be offering a number of new programs catered to adults and juniors of different levels interested in developing tennis skills. Below is the list of programs we will run during 2017 tennis season

To all Members Please note:

Meadowwood Tennis Club WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for payments, programs, activities or any associated obligations or liabilities that may arise where such payments, programs and activities are NOT made using the Meadowwood Tennis Registration Forms

Program Dates/Times # of weeks Frequency Length Code Cost
Junior After School Program Spring April 17-June 26
Mon-Fri 4:30-5:30 PM
10 2 times /week 1 hour ASJ2 $400
3 times /week 1 hour ASJ3 $600
Club Instructional Program Fall Sept 4-Nov 23
Mon-Fri 4:30-5:30 PM
10 2 times /week 1 hour IP2 $400
3 times /week 1 hour IP3 $600
Summer Camps July 2- Sept 1
Mon-Fri 10-12 AM
5 days /week SC $200 /week
$600 /month
Adult and Junior Private Lessons May 1 - Oct 30 1 hour P1 $60
30 min P2 $35
Adult and Junior Semi-Private Lessons May 1 - Oct 30 1 hour SP1 $35

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All MTC programs and private lessons are available through designated coaching pro

No other individuals will be authorized to conduct lessons at MTC in 2017

In order to ensure that we preserve the "open" nature of the courts, we have established the following guidelines:

  • Court 3 will be our dedicated teaching court with separate door access. Courts One and Two are always "Open Courts".
  • Private lessons (individual or group lessons) can be conducted at other "Open" times but must follow the "rules of the court" (one hour maximum; priority for those waiting longest)
  • At no time will more than one court be used for coaching (coaches need to coordinate schedules to ensure there is no scheduling overlap)
  • Lessons can only be conducted for MTC members
  • No one will use the MTC as a means of selling other programs, products or service